Have you got a NB cooler with 4 fans and 4-status control?

Special Butterfly Wing Molding

Multi Core X4 adopts 4 fans fitting to break through the traditional cooler limitations, and it also becomes more stylish in the appearance. The special butterfly wing molding of Multi Core X4 expresses the distinctive fashion concept and highlights its unique design characteristics.

Classic Collocation

The perfect matching of black engineering plastic base and the blue high permeability metal mesh and the classic black-blue color, reflects the ingenious idea of product design and highlights the well-precipitation brand charm.

Blue Butterfly

Butterfly appearance being of full personality, classic blue color, and the strong wind coming out of 4 pieces of 100mm fan with 4 statuses of fan working function makes Multi Core X4 like a flexible blue butterfly, sometimes dressed demurely, sometimes flying freely, and sometimes waving dynamically.