GAMER STORM is a new brand name aiming at gaming players. This serial of products provides powerful cooling performance with gaming elements all around them. It is hoped GAMER STORM shall give a new birth of gaming spirit – and that spirit of the gamer, by the gamer, for the gamer, shall not perish from the gaming world.


Best VGA Cooler for Best VGA Cards.

Dual Heatsink Design
As born from darkness, DRACULA is ready to suck the heat from your GPU. The dual heatsink design with two separate fans on the top can easily dissipate all the heat.
12 Piece of L-shaped Heatpipe
Designers make full use of the 12 pieces of L-shaped heatpipes to conduct heat from the GPU. The heatpipes are carefully twisted not only to avoid the conflicts with VGA card but also to get the most efficiency of conducting capability.
Shiny Silver Nickel Plating Heatsink
Zippered fin and soldering technology ensures the max cooling effectiveness from DRACULA. The whole body is shiny silver nickel plated for endurable lifespan and cold aesthetics. This also adds to the name of DRACULA.
Mirror Finished Copper Base
For the quickest heat transfer, the copper base has been CNC machined to extremely flat, just like a mirror.
  • 3*14cm or 4*12cm fans can be mounted to DRACULA to build the top performance Video solution.
  • The heatsink can fully cover VGA card PCB board so as to cool every corner of the card.
  • A full set of components is equipped to support various mounting holes. And a metal logo sticker is included for your DIY.
  • DRACULA is perfectly compatible with mainstream and incoming high-end VGA cards.