Deepcool Releases M3 –Audio Cooling Pad

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Deepcool, the leading manufacturer of a wide range of computer cooling products, announced its new multi-function laptop cooling pad – M3, an Audio Cooling Pad.


M3 is an exquisite combination of speakers and cooling fan. We select the high quality speakers under the help of professional engineers, to assure M3 will offer you both nice audio and excellent cooling function, but cost you only the price of a speaker or a cooler!




M3 has a build-in 2.1 Multimedia Audio system, and a 140mm big cooling fan, with adjustable running speed. It as well has two standard USB ports for your convenience to use external USB devices, and a Micro USB port, offering an additional choice of power supply or for data connection.



M3 is not single and it has a family consist of 5 versions which are in 5 colors separately. They are the black one, the Blue one, the Green one, the Orange one and the Purple one. The black one has a aluminum plate at the bottom edge of the front panel to enhance it cooling performance, and the other colorful ones has the rubber pad at that bottom edge to match to its white color and prevent the laptop from slipping.


For more detailed information about the features and technical specifications, please visit www.deepcoolglobal.com.

About Deepcool

Deepcool was founded with the mission of providing the best performance & humanized thermal solutions for worldwide customers.

Deepcool design and manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality products, covering desktop cooling solutions, laptop cooling solutions, server cooling solutions, embedded cooling solutions, and other thermal components.
Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction by serving our customer’s ever-changing thermal needs and providing the quickest and most comprehensive service available.
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